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Buying Custom Domains for Site44

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Site44 is very pleased to be partnering with iwantmyname to make the process of buying a domain and using it with Site44 easy. Many Site44 customers want to have custom domains but don’t own their desired domains and find the idea of fiddling with DNS entries a little daunting. Fortunately, iwantmyname hides all that complexity. When a Site44 customer purchases a new domain from them, iwantmyname will do all the necessary DNS twiddling to make requests to that domain point to Site44.

iwantmyname will set up your www subdomain (e.g., and they will make the top-level domain forward to that www domain, so, for instance, will forward to Basically, iwantmyname sets everything up for you the way you’d expect it to be.

Once a domain has been purchased from iwantmyname, all that’s necessary to begin serving that domain from Site44 is to create that website on Site44’s admin page.

We hope that you find this helpful in creating your own custom domains to be served by Site44.

To buy your own domain to use with Site44 from iwantmyname, follow this link:

(We should also note that Site44 has no business relationship with iwantmyname. They do all this to delight their customers, and we are glad that such a service exists for our customers.)