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Webscript Integration With Site44

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Planet Rational’s other service, Webscript, provides hosted scripting in the cloud. Webscript integration provides a simple way to add dynamic capabilities to your Site44 websites. Webscript hosts and serves scripts written in the Lua programming language.

Although cross-domain AJAX calls are supported in all modern browsers, their differing implementations cause compatibility issues. We support integration between Site44 and Webscript to avoid these issues. Enabling this integration causes Site44 to forward AJAX calls to Webscript, avoiding cross-domain calls altogether.

Enabling Webscript integration on Site44 requires a few simple steps:

  1. Click the “Enable Webscript integration” button on the account tab of the admin page. This is only done once per account.
  2. On the websites tab, there will now be a Webscript icon for each website.
  3. Clicking the Webscript icon will present a dialog where you specify which Webscript subdomain will handle AJAX calls to your website.

Once a Webscript subdomain (e.g., is associated with a Site44 website, all web requests with verbs other than GET and HEAD will be forwarded to the specified Webscript subdomain. (So a GET to /bar will be served by Site44, but a POST to /bar will be served by